What does therapy cost?
A reduced fee scale is available for clients based on income. There is limited availability. Please call for information.
Initial diagnostic session: $195.00
45-50 minute psychotherapy sessions are $160.00
Couples Therapy: $175.00 session
Group therapy: $45.00

How do I pay for Therapy and Coaching?
Dr. Bivins-Smith accepts Aetna and Humana Insurance. She also accepts CHAMPVA. Major credit cards and cash are also accepted. While insurance pays for most psychotherapy, it does not normally pay for coaching.

Can I receive therapy or coaching over the Internet?
You may be a candidate for online therapy or coaching. On-line sessions are available after an in-person evaluation and after mutual agreement by therapist and client. Psychotherapy is available only to Georgia residents at this time.

What is the difference between coaching and psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy may be indicated when a person is experiencing significant distress which negatively and significantly impacts the ability to work, have positive and satisfying relationships, and or when the distress negatively impacts the physical well-being one's self or others. Although, a person may be experiencing stress when seeking coaching, the purpose of coaching is to assist someone in resolving or accomplishing a more concrete and specific goal (i.e. career change or communicating better image at work.) If you are unsure of your needs, they can be determined during your initial evaluation.